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Art x Food x Fun

Enjoy: La Boutanche

I delight in a rose on a warm evening.  This rose had some acidity, bursts of strawberries, and small hints of tannin.  As the wine buyer  described , ” It’s like summer water!” Want some cheese with that wine ? [pun intended]  For me, wine is best served with a taste of food.  Please share the delight in my experience. Follow the spread counterclockwise: Le Delice du Poitou (rectangle) Fresh Baguette Candied Figs Handful of Almonds Petite Breakfast  (half moon) Camembert du Bufala (pie slice) Did you try this?  What do you think?

Ai Weiwei x Alcatraz

Pronounced “eye way-way”, Ai Weiwei had an @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz exhibit.  Two facts: Alcatraz is a national historic park and Weiwei is an activist who is not permitted to travel out of China. So, how did he get his “Soul cooker” sculpture here? Deconstructing, shipping to Alcatraz island, and reconstructing with a strong team.  It was an interesting perspective to place it in a hall.   Outside of @Large, some of the original fixtures are artistic in deteriorating prison. The Alcatraz and @Large volunteers were very helpful and knowledgeable about facts that your audio tour will not tell you.  Never shy away from asking questions, there is a lot more than what meets the eyes.

Keith Haring x de Young Museum

Keith was an artist & social activist who raw expression of street culture in 1980’s America.  His primitive artwork can speak to modern times.  We can all “get the picture”.  Many thanks to the de Young for bring us this timely exhibit (I went twice).  So, catch it however you can! P.S. If  you’ve missed the exhibit, follow the link at Artsy’s Haring Page .